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About the Pidgin, Nigerian language

Pidgin, Nigerian, also known as Anglo-Nigerian Pidgin, Broken English, Brokin, Brokun, Nigerian Creole English and Nigerian Pidgin English, is a language of Nigeria.

It has over 30,000,000 users in coastal and urban areas.

Dialects include; Lagos Pidgin, Delta Pidgin, Cross River Pidgin, Benin Pidgin. No unified standard. Dialects may be very different from each other. Partially intelligible with Krio [kri] of Sierra Leone and Cameroon Pidgin.

Increasing in importance and use. A creole with native speakers; also a pidgin between Africans and Europeans, and Africans from different languages. It is used alot in literature, radio and TV.

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- Galatians 5:22-23

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